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Textbook Buyback & Rental Return FAQ

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When do I need to return my rental textbooks?

Rental textbooks can be returned to University Store any time during the semester the textbooks were obtained. The final opportunity to return rental textbooks occurs during finals week each Fall and Spring semester in the Student Recreation & Wellness Center. During the Fall & Spring semester, Rental Return also occurs at University Store.

What if I forget to return my rental textbooks?

If you do not return your rental books by 5:00 p.m. on the date you are supposed to (refer to previous question), you will be charged the full purchase price of a new replacement textbook. This fee will be charged to your student account.

What do I need in order to return my rental textbooks?

You will need to present your UCM student ID when returning rental textbooks.

My rental textbook has been damaged. Will you still accept it for return?

Rental textbooks will be inspected by University Store staff to confirm that only normal wear and tear has occurred. Torn covers, missing pages, excessive highlighting or writing, water damage, etc. may result in additional fees - to be determined by University Store staff. If excessive damage has occurred, the textbook may not be accepted and the student will be charged the full purchase price of a new replacement textbook.

Does University Store buy used textbooks?

As a service to the student, University Store does provide an opportunity for Textbook Buyback during finals week each Fall and Spring semester in the Student Recreation & Wellness Center. During the Summer semester, Textbook Buyback will be located at University Store. The Buyback offer is on a limited basis, and not all books will be eligible. Please refer to the dates above for Textbook Buyback.

How do I know which textbooks I can sell?

Bring in any non-rental textbook that you wish to sell. A University Store representative will scan the ISBN number and examine each book to determine buyback potential. If we do not need your textbook we will check to see if the book has value with our wholesaler.

I have rental textbooks from a previous semester. Can I sell them during Textbook Buyback?

Yes, provided demand for the textbook has not been met and the charge on your student account for textbook replacement has been paid in full. A University Store representative will check your account for approval when you present the textbook. Please alert the buyer/cashier that you wish to sell a rental textbook from a previous semester.

I purchased my textbooks online. Can I still sell them during Textbook Buyback?

As long as there is a need for the textbook it does not matter where it was purchased.

How much money will I get for my textbooks? May I call University Store for rates?

The value of a textbook is based on demand and the overall condition of the book. Demand changes as we buy textbooks, and the condition must be visually evaluated, so the best way of finding the value of a book is to bring it to Buyback and make sure to come early for the best rates. You can also use our buyback page on our website to enter the ISBN and see an estimated buyback value. You may also use our App for Apple iPhone and Android Phones. Buyback values change rapidly. Best buyback values are early in the week.

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Does University Store buy all textbooks?

University Store cannot guarantee to buy back all textbooks. Possible reasons your textbook may not qualify include:

  • The textbook is damaged or missing pages
  • The textbook was published for one-time use – due to either the nature of the book or the binding (i.e. workbooks, duplicated packets, etc.)
  • The faculty member using the textbook has not adopted it for continued use
  • University Store and our wholesaler have met the quota needed for that particular textbook
Why did my friend get more money for the same textbook?

University Store has a quota for each textbook based on enrollment needs. Once we have reached that quota we may be unable to offer the same amount. If our wholesaler is still purchasing the book they may offer a lower price. In some cases it is possible that we will not be able to purchase the book at all. For this reason, it is important that you bring your textbooks in as early as possible.

I forgot to sell my books back last semester; may I sell them this semester?

Yes, your previous semester textbooks may still have buyback value if demand has not been met. You may bring these books with you to buyback or check our website for a current estimated value here.

I don’t live in the Warrensburg area. May I ship my textbooks to University Store?

We accept buyback textbooks and rental returns through the mail providing they are post-marked by the last date for whichever section you are in (refer to first question). However, funds from buyback textbooks will first be applied towards outstanding university charges. Any remaining balance will be electronically deposited into the student’s account or a check will be mailed to the address on file with the campus.

Please ship the following to University Store, 500 S. Holden Street Union 128, Warrensburg, MO 64093:

For rental returns:

  • Contact information - full name and current phone number
  • Student ID Number

For textbooks you wish to sell:

  • Contact information – full name, address, email, city, state, zip code, and current phone number
  • Student ID number

Should the books(s) have no value during the textbook buyback, you have the following options:

  • Have book(s) mailed to you at your expense. ($10 for the first book, $1 for each additional book)
  • We can keep book(s) for you to pick-up within the next 60 days. Book(s) will be recycled if not picked-up
  • Have book(s) returned to Summit Center, Lee's Summit
  • We can recycle book(s) with no value
* See an estimated buyback price!
* Subject to change without notice

Buyback & Rental Return Calendar

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Updated February 17th, 2014