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Reservations FAQ

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Important Things to Know/Remember About Online Textbook Reservations:

Below is a list of important things to know/remember about online textbook reservations:

  • Textbook reservations are now paid for at the time the order is placed online
  • Textbook Reservation pick-up is located in the University Bookstore in Elliot Union
  • Your student 700# is necessary to reserve your textbooks online
  • Reservations are NOT the same as online orders which will be shipped directly to the purchaser
  • The student must place their reservation/order with THEIR own student I.D. (700#)
Items/Information to Bring to Textbook Reservation Pick-up

Below is a list of items/information to bring with you for Reservation Pick-up.

  • Student/Customer Name
  • Reservation Order number
  • UCM I.D. Card
How to Reserve Your Textbooks Online?

Here are the steps to reserve your textbooks online:

  1. Go to
  2. Under the Current Students tab, select "My Central"
  3. Log in using your student 700# and password
  4. Select "Student Services"
  5. Under the UCM Registration Box, click on the "Select Term Link"
  6. Select "Order Textbooks"
  7. Click on University's Store Logo for a complete list of books
  8. After choosing your books for reservation, validate your address
  9. Select "Textbook Reservation (pickup on Warrensburg campus)"
  10. Click on continue to check out
When do online reservations begin and end?

Please refer to the mini-calendar (above right) or visit our full calendar to see specific begin and end dates.

When may I pick up my reserved books?

Please refer to the above-right mini-calendar for dates and times regarding Textbook Reservation pick-up. Please be sure to pick up your textbooks by the close of business on the last day of the period, which is also noted on the calendar.

Do I pay for the books I reserved online when I place the order?

Yes. Orders are paid for at the time the order is placed online. Your payment method choices are Financial Aid (via your student 700#) or credit card. You may pick up your reserved textbooks at our Reservation Pick-up Center at the University Bookstore at The Crossing.

I need to add/drop books from my original online reservation. Can I do this?
  • When you pick-up your reserved textbooks, you will be able to decline any unneeded/unwanted books
  • Any books you choose to add to your order (at the time of your pick-up), will become a separate transaction. Please be sure to pick up your reserved order first, before purchasing your additional textbooks
"I don't want new books." "I want used books if possible." "I need all supplemental material with my textbooks" AND etc. How can I be sure I have these options?
  • The default setting for textbook preference is set as "used only" (unless we cannot offer used for that particular book) when the textbook is not a RENTAL title
  • Upon viewing your online "shopping cart" a dropdown box is available. Here you can choose your textbook preference (used only, used preferred, new only or new preferred)
  • After selecting the "continue to checkout" option you will also be given the choice to add supplemental materials: "Do Not Add to Order," "Add All Materials," or "Add Only Required."
What forms of payment may I use?
  • Online textbook reservations are paid at the time the order is placed.
  • Payment may be in credit or debit cards (including MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express), and/or Financial Aid

Reservations Calendar

To view the Calendar click here.

Updated February 17th, 2014