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e-books FAQ

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What is an e-book?

An eBook is an electronic format of tangible textbooks. Typically an eBook offers a larger range of interactivity than its tangible version. Interactivity includes: highlighting, note taking, note sharing, content search, mobility & more.

What are the pros of eBooks?

EBooks are an average of 35% less than the cost of new textbooks. They are also more mobile and provide more convenience through portability.

What are the cons of eBooks?

EBooks hold no resale value and are non-refundable upon activation. EBooks also, depending on the eBook platform, have various expiration dates.

Can I use my e-book wherever I go?

Yes, depending on the eBook, many are available for download AND online access. If your eBook is through Course Smart & it’s downloaded to your computer you will NOT be able to also access it online from another computer.

Do I have to have an iPad to use an e-book?

The iPad isn’t the only mobile device that supports your eBooks. You may use your eBook titles on any mobile devices that has a supported web browser and can connect.

I purchased my eBook online at University Store; How do I activate my eBook?

If you ordered your eBook online you will receive an email from ‘’ This email will then direct you to University Store’s web site, to login to activate your eBook. Once you are at the University Store web site Log in (if you ordered online your login will be the same email/password established during your order). Next click on “Activate & Access eBooks,” from here click on the picture of the ebook and follow the on-screen instructions to activate & access the eBooks you have purchased.

I purchased my eBook in University Store; How do I activate my eBook?

Save your receipt! - It has your eBook receipt code on it. Please follow the instructions on the back of your eBook Card to download your eBook.

Do I need to purchase both the eBook & textbook for my course?

There is no need to purchase both the eBook & print form, unless the professor specifies otherwise.

Can I return my eBook?

Once you’ve activated your eBook, your book is no longer available for returns.

What is my password for my eBook on’s web site AND Xplana/CourseSmart/VitalSource’s web site?

When completing your eBook purchase, you will need to register/create a log in through both UDTebook & the eBook platform (Xplana/CourseSmart/VitalSource). We recommend you use the same username/email address & password for all to make it easier to remember.

I have purchased an e-Book. How may I contact customer support?

You may call a customer support e-Book representative via UDT customer support at 888-886-0801.


Updated February 17th, 2014